The Wanderer Bracelet

 The 97 Knives Wanderer bracelet is the base model in our paracord survival  bracelet range. A slimline option which includeds all the items you see in the picture. Despite the wanderers budget pricetag its impressive contents will keep you out of trouble in most situations! bracelets are made with the end user in mind and are tailor suited to your needs. Some of the things you can do with the Wanderer.

(diassembly required for some functions)

  • Start a fire with the flint, jute, rubber bands and various other components

  • signal air,land or seabound vehicles/people with the signal mirror.

  • catch small game with the snare wire

  • catch fish with the fishing line, sinkers and hooks

  • perform many cutting tasks with the razor blade 

  • build, repair, maintain etc with the cordage,rubber bands,paracord

  • cover/bandage wounds with the duct tape

  • suture wounds with the needle or fish hook and fishing line

  • navigate with the magnetized needle

  • find your way and your way back with the glow light