97 Knives Keyfob

The 97 Knives Keyfob is a Survival Kit on your Keyring! Filled with items that can be vital in a survival or SHTF situation the Keyfob is always handy thanks to the clasp- secure it to your keys, zips, backpack, necklanyard etc etc. 

Keyfobs are made to order and are tailor suited to your needs. Some of the things you can do with the keyfob:

(diassembly required for most functions)

  • Start a fire with the Ferro rod and Razor

  • Signal rescue Personell with the Signal Mirror

  • Fix, maintain and lash with the Paracord

  • Fish with the Hook,  line and Sinker .

  • Mend a tent with the Duct Tape

  • Cover a wound with the Duct Tape

  • Suture a wound with the Needle and Fishing line

  • Make a Torniquet with the Paracord

  • Fix and secure items with the Ranger Bands

  • Navigate with the Magnetized Needle

  • Find your keys in the dark with the Illumination tape


  •  All on your Keyring! and only Roughly 1.5 inches long!