DIY antenna booster for phantom 3 standard

After owning my Dji Phantom 3 standard for about 5 months now Ive become pretty aqaunted with the quadcopter and I absolutely love the bloody thing! There is nothing better than strapping around the paddock checking out anything and everything all the while taking awsome footage and photos!  However there is one gripe that ive […]

Survival kit for the prepper on the move!

Hey dudes! For most of my life I’ve been keen on anything survival related, I probably got it from my dad and older brothers when I was very young, I can remember being quite small and reading my brothers SAS survival pocket guide. I loved that book- the survival shelters, bush food, making fires, and […]

Death Wobbles cured by toughdog RTC Steering Damper

Hey Guys! So since I’ve had my cruiser (8 months or so) shes had pretty bad wobbles in the steering. It was very intermittent and only really happened at speeds over 100kmh. While it wasn’t happening all the time when it did happen it caused me to darken my dacks as my car attempted to […]